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Welcome to my site.
It is nice that you have found here.
Jörg Schnitger © 2014 M. Schnitger
Since I was a little boy, I've loved the cinema and dreamed of creating movies.
My study at the munich filmacademy, my working as screenwriter and the participation in numerous productions has been steps to realise this dream.
After the realisation of several short films, the first documentary had his premiere in 2017 at „32. International Dok.Fest Munich”.
The feature Film "Let it go" by Brigitte Drodtloff, which I co-worked on the sreenplay - and was co-producer, has been completed. He has already won prizes at festivals and will celebrate his German pemiere at 55th Hof International Festival at the end of Octobre 2021.
It moves on, and many movies are in my head - waiting to be realised.
At this site, you can find an insight into my work since now.
The "movie maniac" wants you to have much fun!
Yours, Jörg
Unbroken Ties © 2016 Schnitger Film Omul © 2014 Triarte International Ein schöner Tag (A Beauftiul Day) © 2005 Schnitger Film Somnambulin © 1993 MacGuffin / Schnitger Film


TRIARTE INTERNATIONAL and Schnitger Film presents:

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2021 / Dramedy / TRIARTE INTERNATIONAL and Schnitger Film
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32. Internationales Dokumentarfilmfest München
A documentary about my father
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2013 / A short film
conquered the world!

particularly valuable
In collaboration with Triarte International, we proudly present the new film by Brigitte Drodtloff.
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