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Jörg Schnitger writer, director, producer


Here I would like to introduce links to the BVR (Federation of Germans Directors), to my partners and also to some other interesting sites.

Andrea Morricone, Music for Cinema and Television, Composer
Maestro Andrea Morricone, my favorite composer, the best!

Brigitte Drodtloffs Filmproduction, Munich, Bukarest

Anne Nikitin - Music for Film
Anne Nikitin, composes extraordinary music and soundtracks for films and documentary

BVR (Federation of German Directors):
Site of the Federation of Germans Directors

Sven Ulrich, Writer:
Sven Ulrich, a partner in many screen-play projects.

The Internet Movie Database:
Movie Database, in which my name is listed.

Saskia Stoewer, Make-up artist:
Make-up Artist ⋅ Beauty ⋅ Photography ⋅ Advertising photography


TRIARTE INTERNATIONAL and Schnitger Film presents:

Since January 2024 on amazon
2021 / Dramedy / TRIARTE INTERNATIONAL and Schnitger Film
More information LOS(GE)LASSEN


32. Internationales Dokumentarfilmfest München
A documentary about my father
More information about this movie

2013 / A short film
conquered the world!

particularly valuable
In collaboration with Triarte International, we proudly present the new film by Brigitte Drodtloff.
More information about OMUL

Current Projects: