Schnitger Film

Jörg Schnitger writer, director, producer



2017 / Documentary / 95 Minutes / Schnitger Film / TRIARTE INTERNATIONAL


"Schoolteacher is missed" / "Family in despair!" / "Even Interpol searches for missing teacher " / "Corpse found in the wood - crime-scene?” These and other headlines covered the local newspapers at the beginning of the Seventies in Dortmund, Germany.
The police file "Death of Jürgen Schnitger " was closed, with the annotation: "Case Unsolved".
40 years later the son starts a cinematic search for his father and brings him back to life through emotional interviews.
The trip into the past leads him to a post-war Germany in the in the fifties and sixties.
At the end he gains knowledge, that could never ever be found in an official investigation file.
The people who used to know his father, allow the filmmaker to look into the past time, the feelings and thinkings of those times. Some of the persons who were interviewed had passed away, during the postproduction of the film. Director Jörg Schnitger had the chance to get answers to his burning questions, just in time.
Jörg Schnitger on tour / UNBROKEN TIES © 2017 Lanapul Film
Jörg Schnitger on tour
Age film, Jürgen with son / UNBROKEN TIES © 2017 Lanapul Film
Old film, Jürgen with son
Jürgen in the garden / UNBROKEN TIES © 2017 Lanapul Film
Jürgen in the garden
Jörg Schnitger on searching for clues in the forest / UNBROKEN TIES © 2017 Lanapul Film
Jörg Schnitger on searching for clues in the forest
Cemetery Rüthen 1970 / UNBROKEN TIES © 2017 Lanapul Film
Cemetery Rüthen 1970



32. Internationales Dokumentarfilmfest München
A documentary about my father
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